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The place of foreign investors in the investments to be made in our country is undoubtedly very important. These investments will accelerate the economic structure of the country and thus regional employment opportunities will increase. For this reason, the central government has been making significant efforts and offering incentives to attract foreign investors to our country in recent years. If these are implemented correctly and healthily, the revival and leap forward in our country’s economy will become an attainable reality rather than a wish.

However, despite these expectations of the public administration, it is observed that there are some problems experienced in the participation of foreigners in economic initiatives in our country. Seeing this situation, My Turkish ID Ankara was established in order to enable foreigners to receive convenience and a healthy and quality service in their investments.

It is natural for investors from different countries to have difficulties in terms of laws and practices in our country. In order to facilitate this situation, it is very important that the process management is carried out in a healthy way, the necessary applications and permits are received on time, and that they are done reliably and at an affordable price. My Turkish ID is a business established to set an example for the market with these features. Our nearly ten years of experience is the best proof of this. As a matter of fact, we are proud that many foreign nationals we have served during this period have gladly provided feedback after our services. With our expert staff and lawyers, we respond to all kinds of problems by producing instant and personal solutions and approach the problem with a result-oriented approach.

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