What Is Real Estate?

Real estate means goods that cannot be transported. Real estate, used as an economic and legal term, is the general name of values such as land, land, apartment, workplace, housing, villa, factory, building. It has no portable nature, but it expresses value in an economic sense and has a cashed-up property. In other words, it cannot be taken from one place to another, but it can be bought and sold; in this aspect, it is an economic and legal value.

It is possible to classify real estate in four different ways: the first of these is residential real estate. Housing is one of the important chain links of the real estate sector. It can be sold as new construction or second hand. The second type of real estate is commercial real estate. These are structures such as shopping malls, hospitals and educational buildings, hotels. Apartment buildings are also considered commercial real estate, although they are used for residential purposes. Industrial real estate in another category includes warehouses, as well as building and property manufacturing. Buildings can be used for exploration, production, storage and distribution of goods. The last category of land property includes vacant land and farms.


Real Estate As An Investment Vehicle

Given these types of real estate, it seems that almost every one of them is a good investment tool. For example, a residence, warehouse, workplace, factory or land is always cashable and constantly brings profits to its investor. It is a view accepted by economists that in the long term, real estate, especially land and housing earn more in this context than other investment instruments. For this reason, it is necessary to make the right investment and in the right place to earn when buying real estate. However, it would be appropriate to wait at least a certain period of time after purchase.

Among the reasons why investing in real estate has become a profitable sector in recent years, the first place is an intense increase in the need and demand for real estate. This situation is especially prominent in cities such as Ankara and Istanbul, where the population density is high. Therefore, especially in our cities like this, house prices are increasing rapidly Day by day. The fact that housing and land stock do not increase compared to population growth is also noted as a factor in making real estate investment profitable. Meanwhile, in recent years, the support provided by banks through housing loans and mortgages has also gained importance in real estate investment.

Real Estate Investment Consultancy

Although it is a profitable sector, real estate investment may not achieve the desired result when it cannot be evaluated correctly. For this reason, the field of Real Estate Investment Consulting has developed in recent years. Real estate investment advisory is an organization that provides analysis, evaluation, and disposal/purchase support to an individual and organization in purchasing or evaluating real estate. Since the main function of these organizations is to evaluate investments in this area and direct the customer to appropriate points, it is necessary to have very detailed information on this issue and to follow economic and legal developments. Businesses perform these services through professional real estate investment consultants who specialize in their field.

In order for real estate investment consultants to provide successful services, they must have a level of knowledge that can meet all the needs of the customer. For this reason, a real estate consultant should be competent in law, cadastre, Land Registry, accounting, taxes, fees, marketing, maps and communication. Especially in real estate investment firms that provide support to foreigners in the sale of real estate, employees must speak at least one or more foreign languages well. In addition to all this, a real estate consultant needs to have good intuition and foresight. It should be able to predict which land or which housing will gain value when.

My Turkish ID Ankara, a business specializing in real estate investment consulting, first starts working by analyzing the needs of its customers. This situation is always personal. Because each person’s expectations, budget, needs are different. One person can like Umitköy District of Ankara very much, and the other can like Gaziosmanpasa district very much. Therefore, Real Estate Investment Consulting has to analyze everyone’s personal expectations well first. Then possible real estate solutions can be presented that can meet the budget-appropriate need. At this point, it is necessary to capture the points of view that can make him the most profit while ensuring compliance with the customer’s budget and direct the customer to the appropriate real estate according to him. My Turkish ID Ankara also helps its customers with the sales process. In this context, bank transactions, title deeds, tax transactions, etc. he is always with his client in transactions.

It tries to assist claimants in the transition of foreign nationals to Turkish citizenship through the acquisition of real estate on a technical and legal basis at almost every stage. My Turkish ID Ankara, with its expert staff and ten years of experience, proudly performs this service in a fast, practical and reliable way.

Hemen Ara